How To Update the Browser on a Samsung Smart TV

Sometimes, overheating of TVs might affect their performance. If you are using the TCL TV for a longer period of time without any break, you will experience some performance issues. If you try to update your TV after using it for a longer time, you may have update issues. Restart the TCL TV or turn […]

How to Update your Samsung TV Firmware? Tom’s Guide Forum

It’s easiest to do it from the TV menu screen, but if the screen won’t turn on, that’s not very helpful to you. Be advised that doing a hard reset will erase all storage and settings you may have applied, including any recordings you may have saved and applications you have downloaded. The easiest way […]

NVIDIA GAME READY 471 41 WHQL not support SAMSUNG ODYSSEY G9 FIRMWARE 1012.1 HDR MODE DirectX, DXR, DirectCompute NVIDIA Developer Forums

If your Samsung TV is displaying a black screen after an update you need to first ensure that your TV is set to the correct input. Once this is confirmed, also be sure that all cables are properly connected. If cables are loose or damaged, it can cause your screen to go black after […]

How to Flash Samsung Stock Firmware 4 files By Odin Solution Solution

The first one is via Samsung Smart Switch, while the other one is via ODIN. This should be done while trying to flash with the combination firmware. Once installed remove the USB cable and restart your PC and try the flashing steps again. First, download the Samsung USB Driver from the link below. It had […]

SSD in PS5 Game Performance Comparison

Intel’s Desktop CPUs are supported.Yonah through Comet Lake are supported by this guide. Anti-Hardware Buyers Guide Overall guide on what to avoid and what pitfalls your hardware may hit. GPU Buyers Guide Check if your GPU is supported and which macOS version you can run. In my early career, I worked as an editor of […]

Update: Samsung TV Firmware Hacking

However, some computers go through POST so fast that they don’t recognize input from the keyboard in time for you to a hit key. Each character or combination of characters contains specific bits of information about the firmware and the target device. The easiest way to understand Samsung’s firmware number scheme is to break it […]